CI Beta


Tuesday, April 16, 2002
Turrets still fired on planes even after generators went down, but they didn't help red see my cloaked guys, probally cause like it was said they are taken from the red to the yellow, but yellow however is not allied with me and still fires on my planes, Some of the troops which are green/blue didn't switch to brown team until I got to a certain point and my guys wouldn't fire on them until I did but they did however fire on me. Also I think one more starting medic would help great deals.
posted by Tim Allison 5:58 PM

Friday, April 12, 2002
Ok all you beta heads, heres where you can post. Just follow the blogger link at the bottom of the page, make yourself an account and find the CI Beta blog. Then you will be able to post and it will appear here.
posted by Ryan Houghtelling 6:48 PM

<body>Crimson Irregulars is a modification of the popular computer game, StarCraft. The Crimson Irregulars Campaign requires StarCraft: Broodwar to play. It was built at the University of Advancing Computer Techchnology using the StarCraft Campaign Editor. All the graphics, coding, and in-game interfaces are pre-defined, but it allows designers to script events and design their own levels. The campaign will encompass seven maps. The first five maps will be made in chronological order linked to the overall story. Once those five maps are completed, two prequels, that are already partly finished, will be released. This campaign will not only have an orginal story line, maps, and scripting, but We will also be utilizing UACTís digital studio to record our own custom voices. These voices will be recorded for mission briefing sessions and in-game use. This software was developed at the University of Advancing Computer Technology.</body>